Tag: HtH Expert


  • Veretta

    Former street hooker in Washington Was killed by up and coming senator [[:andrew-max-reynolds | Andrew "Max" Reynolds]] during a sleazy sexual encounter Close combat expert in Squad 2

  • Albert

    Claimed to be a former crime lord [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy ]] recalls knocking his teeth out in a very short fight Close combat expert in Squad 1

  • Zhen

    Broke [[:dennis-monroe | Monroe's]] nose after a botched seduction on his behalf. Was romantically / sexually involved with [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] later on. Former ballerina

  • Hector

    Former thief Sneaky and secretive - paranoid. Was [[:morgan-tanner | Morgan Tanner's]] partner in crime. Broke together into an apartment, he encouraged Morgan to kill [[:jason | Father Jason]] and his wife. Also slept with [[:danielle-tanner | …