Tag: Squad 3


  • Schmid

    Claims to have been an insurance seller [[:inigo-montoya-1 | Inigo Montoya]] remembers him leading an attack team that arrested Montoya for "crime against humanity"

  • Fell

    Dr Fell recalls being a historian, working at a museum in Venice, Italy. Speaks little of his past, if remembers it at all. Claims to have a very good memory. Very observant - solitary [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]] recalls him being her …

  • Beckett

    Driven, all-in, team player. A bit of a narcissist Former security officer at [[Biotechnica | Biotechnica]]

  • Abbey

    Sweet little slut Medic in Squad 3 Showed good surgical skilled after [[:fell | Fell's]] spinal injury [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] had an affair with her that lead to her death, murderer by [[:windom | Windom]]

  • Nolan

    Former FBI agent - remembers [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] and identifes [[:windom | Windom]] as a serial killer. Electronics specialist in Squad 3 Withdrawn but compassionate

  • Hector

    Former thief Sneaky and secretive - paranoid. Was [[:morgan-tanner | Morgan Tanner's]] partner in crime. Broke together into an apartment, he encouraged Morgan to kill [[:jason | Father Jason]] and his wife. Also slept with [[:danielle-tanner | …

  • Locke

    Demolition expert for Squad 3 Former Special Forces One of the team members that arrested [[:inigo-montoya-1 | Inigo Montoya]] under the leadership of [[:schmid | Schmid]]. Told [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] that he had killed Montoya …