Tag: Squad 5


  • Renton

    Has connections to the kitchen - smuggles coffee. Witnessed Monroe's self loathing Former gardener Medic in squad one. Somewhat of a junkie. Spiritualist and honest - to a fault Trivia: Ewan McGregor - Trainspotting. Echoes …

  • Walt

    After the Stamina check, he claimed that [[:duncan | Duncan]] was "not human" as he did not sweat nor panted after 40 min of running. One of the first three to be selected through [[Niraya | Niraya]] Was romantically involved with [[:cassidy- …

  • Joshua

    Electronics specialist with Squad 5 Is sexually attracted to [[:morgan-tanner | Morgan Tanner]] When presented with weapons in [[Niraya | Niraya]] he said : "Feel like a gay guy at a fashion show." Former stylist / fashion mogul

  • Booc

    Former investment banker. Recalls being in a plane crash Sniper with Squad 5

  • Torval

    One of the 7 to share a bunker with the PC's [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy]] and [[:hrstamper | Dave Parker]] feel like they know him but can't place it. Former boxing champion Weapon specialist with Squad 5

  • Zhen

    Broke [[:dennis-monroe | Monroe's]] nose after a botched seduction on his behalf. Was romantically / sexually involved with [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] later on. Former ballerina

  • Walsh

    Former police officer Was leading the protection of [[:talbot-1 | Talbot]] when Talbot was assassinated. Was sexually involved with [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]]