Tag: Cassidy


  • Duncan

    Threatened Max when Max struck up a conversation. When asked "Military?" he answered "Militaries!" Rumors being one of the cursed ones, remembering everything. First one to be chosen out of [[Niraya | Niraya]] Worked for [[:thomas-devoe | …

  • John

    Observed [[:thomas-devoe | Thomas ]] beat up [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy ]]. Partner or mentor to Thomas and Cassidy. Recruited Cassidy at a police station after [[:jason | Father Jason]] and his wife were murdered "If you look for me, you will …

  • Albert

    Claimed to be a former crime lord [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy ]] recalls knocking his teeth out in a very short fight Close combat expert in Squad 1

  • Colin

    Docter that help [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy]] when she was fourteen and introduced her to [[:jason | Father Jason]]. Medic in Squad 4