Tag: Faust


  • Gordon

    Homicide detective, partner of [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]], whom she was in love with. Had an affair with [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]] Married to [[:linda-gordon | Linda Gordon]] [[:hrstamper | Dave Parker]] remembers putting his gun to …

  • Walsh

    Former police officer Was leading the protection of [[:talbot-1 | Talbot]] when Talbot was assassinated. Was sexually involved with [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]]

  • Mayor Reyer

    [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]] remembers him as one of the guest's at [[:fell | Fell's]] dinner party [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] recalls him being the Mayor of Seawell, arguing with [[:trevor | Sheriff Trevor]]

  • Gallico

    FBI Agent [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]] recalls him on two occasions; at [[:fell | Fell's]] dinner party and in preparation for [[:talbot-1 | Talbot's]] bodyguard assignment [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] meet him with [[:dale-cooper | Dale …