Tag: Leader


  • Duncan

    Threatened Max when Max struck up a conversation. When asked "Military?" he answered "Militaries!" Rumors being one of the cursed ones, remembering everything. First one to be chosen out of [[Niraya | Niraya]] Worked for [[:thomas-devoe | …

  • Walt

    After the Stamina check, he claimed that [[:duncan | Duncan]] was "not human" as he did not sweat nor panted after 40 min of running. One of the first three to be selected through [[Niraya | Niraya]] Was romantically involved with [[:cassidy- …

  • Schmid

    Claims to have been an insurance seller [[:inigo-montoya-1 | Inigo Montoya]] remembers him leading an attack team that arrested Montoya for "crime against humanity"

  • Dillan

    Former pilot Fought [[:dennis-monroe | Monroe]] with a sword in a melee fight in [[Niraya | Niraya]] Leader of Squad 3

  • Trevor

    Helped [[:inigo-montoya-1 | Inigo Montoya]] to his feet after Inigo fell out off the slab in [[Niraya | Niraya]] Former Sheriff of Seawell Leader of Squad 1

  • Erika

    Former district attorney in Night City She and [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy ]] bounded in one of the trials in [[Niraya | Niraya]] Leader of Squad 2

  • Dennis Monroe

    h6. Flashbacks: [[Same time next week | Same time next week]] [[The dance | The dance]] [[Welcome to Seawell | Welcome to Seawell]] [[Regina | Regina]]