Tag: Medic


  • Renton

    Has connections to the kitchen - smuggles coffee. Witnessed Monroe's self loathing Former gardener Medic in squad one. Somewhat of a junkie. Spiritualist and honest - to a fault Trivia: Ewan McGregor - Trainspotting. Echoes …

  • Pike

    Claims he was a paramedic Medic in Squad 7 Says he does not fit in with his team of "psychopaths". [[:hrstamper | Dave Parker]] recalls he being a member of [[Harper's Mercenary Gang | Harper's Mercenary Gang]].

  • Colin

    Docter that help [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy]] when she was fourteen and introduced her to [[:jason | Father Jason]]. Medic in Squad 4

  • Abbey

    Sweet little slut Medic in Squad 3 Showed good surgical skilled after [[:fell | Fell's]] spinal injury [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] had an affair with her that lead to her death, murderer by [[:windom | Windom]]