Tag: Monroe


  • Regina

    [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] is listening and watching a beautiful [[:dennis-girl | woman]] playing the piano. He is mesmerized by her performance and instantly falls in love. During the performance he yearns her sexually. After she finish …

  • Same time next week

    [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] adjusts his tie in front of the mirror. His gun holster strapped around his shoulder, he puts on his jacket. Behind him, lying in the bed, is a [[:dennis-girl | beautiful naked woman]]. He smiles to her as he prepares to …

  • White rabbit

    [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] exits his hotel room and heads toward the dining room for breakfast. He is giddy and sits down at a table. Two men approach him; one is [[:dale-cooper | Dale Cooper]] his boss and the [[:gallico | other]] he does not …

  • Windom

    Has some kind of relation with Dennis Monroe - "You don't remember me at all, do you?" While playing chess - one is light, the other dark - with Dennis Monroe he claimed "If I take out your queen, you have lost!" Ex FBI agent, [[:dennis-monroe | …

  • Trevor

    Helped [[:inigo-montoya-1 | Inigo Montoya]] to his feet after Inigo fell out off the slab in [[Niraya | Niraya]] Former Sheriff of Seawell Leader of Squad 1

  • Abbey

    Sweet little slut Medic in Squad 3 Showed good surgical skilled after [[:fell | Fell's]] spinal injury [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] had an affair with her that lead to her death, murderer by [[:windom | Windom]]

  • Hawk

    Former police deputy in Seawell Weapon Specialist in Squad 1 Served with fellow team leader [[:trevor | Sheriff Trevor]] back in Seawell Followed [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] into the woods.