Tag: Reynolds


  • The dance

    On a airstrip in a undisclosed location. [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]], a young and green FBI agent meets up with his commanding officer, [[:dale-cooper | Dale Cooper]] who introduces him to his partner [[:windom | Windom Earle]]. A young …

  • Duncan

    Threatened Max when Max struck up a conversation. When asked "Military?" he answered "Militaries!" Rumors being one of the cursed ones, remembering everything. First one to be chosen out of [[Niraya | Niraya]] Worked for [[:thomas-devoe | …

  • Walt

    After the Stamina check, he claimed that [[:duncan | Duncan]] was "not human" as he did not sweat nor panted after 40 min of running. One of the first three to be selected through [[Niraya | Niraya]] Was romantically involved with [[:cassidy- …

  • Veretta

    Former street hooker in Washington Was killed by up and coming senator [[:andrew-max-reynolds | Andrew "Max" Reynolds]] during a sleazy sexual encounter Close combat expert in Squad 2

  • Regina Earle

    Weekly sexual meetings with [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] Married to [[:windom | Windom Earle]] Plays the piano on a professional level Monroe deduced that she was murdered by Windom Earle. Trivia: Regina means queen.

  • Mayor Reyer

    [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]] remembers him as one of the guest's at [[:fell | Fell's]] dinner party [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] recalls him being the Mayor of Seawell, arguing with [[:trevor | Sheriff Trevor]]

  • Gallico

    FBI Agent [[:maggie-faust | Maggie Faust]] recalls him on two occasions; at [[:fell | Fell's]] dinner party and in preparation for [[:talbot-1 | Talbot's]] bodyguard assignment [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] meet him with [[:dale-cooper | Dale …

  • Mandy

    A 15 year old girl [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] was doggy styling in Seawell's hospital's WC prior to meeting the coroner.