Tag: Weapon Spec


  • Max

    One of the 7 to share bunker with the PC's Was a formula one driver Weapon Specialist in Squad 2

  • Torval

    One of the 7 to share a bunker with the PC's [[:cassidy-martinuez | Cassidy]] and [[:hrstamper | Dave Parker]] feel like they know him but can't place it. Former boxing champion Weapon specialist with Squad 5

  • Beckett

    Driven, all-in, team player. A bit of a narcissist Former security officer at [[Biotechnica | Biotechnica]]

  • Hawk

    Former police deputy in Seawell Weapon Specialist in Squad 1 Served with fellow team leader [[:trevor | Sheriff Trevor]] back in Seawell Followed [[:dennis-monroe | Dennis Monroe]] into the woods.

  • Dave Parker

    Magie Parker Mother of David Jonathan Parker AKA Dave Parker!(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/260212/IMG_0020.JPG?1384088562(IMG_0020.JPG)!