White rabbit

Dennis Monroe exits his hotel room and heads toward the dining room for breakfast. He is giddy and sits down at a table. Two men approach him; one is Dale Cooper his boss and the other he does not know.

Cooper asks about his stay and the case; Dennis mentions a dream he had; a white rabbit. Cooper believes that is good omen, suggesting that if there are three appearances of white rabbits today the case would be as good as closed. Cooper also warns Dennis that Windom has escaped and it would be likely he came looking for Dennis. He also assures him that the FBI would catch him before that, but wanted to let Dennis know.

Sheriff Trevor arrives meeting Cooper and Gallico. After a short chitchat the sheriff is confused about the FBI and remarks: “I feel like Alice, chasing a white rabbit down a hole”.

Cooper and Dennis look at each other, smiling and very excited. One.

White rabbit

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