The dance

On a airstrip in a undisclosed location.

Dennis Monroe, a young and green FBI agent meets up with his commanding officer, Dale Cooper who introduces him to his partner Windom Earle.

A young girl then steps up and dances. She is wearing a red wig, makes a sour face, walks in her place, puts one hand in her pocket while making a fist with the other and blinking both eyes while doing so.

Cole then tells them that she is his mother sister’s girl – holding four fingers up in front of his eyes. Windom asks Cole “Federal?” to which Cole replies by lifting his thumb. Cole encourages Dennis to learn from Windom, as “he has his own M.O.” explaining without hesitation that it means Modus Operandi.

Later in a car, Dennis strikes up a conversation.
Dennis: “That was really something. That dancing girl.” – after a small pause “What was that?”
Windom: “Code. If you work with Cole you learn that right away.”
Dennis:" Code. I heard a lot about this."
Windom pulls his arm back so that only his fingers come out of the sleeve.
Windom: “Sort of shorthand”
Dennis:" Really?"
Windom: “We are heading into a difficult situation.”
Dennis: “How do you figure?”
Windom: “I’ll explain it to you. Do you remember Lil’s dance? She was wearing a sour face.”
Dennis: “What do you mean?”
Windom: “Her face had a sour look. That means we are going to have trouble with the local authorities. They are not going to be receptive of the FBI. Both eyes blinking means there is going to be trouble higher up… they eyes of local authority. A sheriff or a deputy. That would be my guess. Two of the local law enforcers are going to be a problem. If you noticed she had one hand in her pocket which means they are hiding something, and the other hand made a fist which means they are going to be belligerent. Lil was walking in place which means there’s going to be a lot of legwork involved. Cooper said Lil was his mother sister’s girl. What is missing in that sentence? The Uncle!”
Dennis: “So … the uncle is missing?”
Windom: “Not Cooper’s Uncle but probably the sheriff’s uncle in federal prison.”
Dennis: “So the sheriff had got an uncle who’s committed a serious crime?”
Windom: “Right, which is probably why Lil was wearing a red wig meaning we are headed into a dangerous situation. Let me ask you something, Dennis, did you notice anything about the dress?”
Dennis: “The dress she was wearing had been altered to fit her. I noticed a different colored thread where the dress had been taken in. It wasn’t her dress or she must have lost some weight.”
Windom smiles: “Cooper said you were good. The tailored dress is our code for drugs. Did you notice what was pinned on it?”
Dennis ponders: “A blue rose.”
Windom: “Very good…. but I can’t tell you about that.”

The dance

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